No Sweat Flagship

“We turned a workman’s staple into a garment as seductive as lingerie.” – Guess

The fashion industry is notoriously capricious.  Trends come and go, reputations blossom and fade. How then to design a flagship retail environment for one of the world’s most widely recognized fashion brands?

We chose a hybrid approach using electronic media (interactive internet lounges, suspended DJ booth) and custom merchandise presentation casework (finely crafted accessory displays) that pinwheel around a theatrically curved staircase. The painstaking attention to detail was intended to reinforce the brand’s aspirations to haut couture

Bringing to mind lavish 1930’s stage productions, it’s a suitably choreographic backdrop for this and next season’s styles.

“..a signature style; lighter, softer and more form-fitting than the competitors” – Forbes