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About Us

Baldwin & Franklin Architects is a Canadian architectural firm with an international reputation for creating imaginative, practical designs for demanding projects. We are a compact team of architects and technicians who have collaborated together for over 30 years, along with a global network of like-minded professionals. We are large enough to provide the full scope of architectural services for a challenging project but careful enough to adapt to the special needs of a modest undertaking.

Diversity: We design buildings to be built on time and on budget. Some of our projects any standard. Many are small and intricate. We often work on additions, alterations or restorations to existing buildings. The skills we apply to the practice of architecture have proved useful in other disciplines. We have applied our imaginative vision to such diverse projects as amusement parks, furniture, light fixtures, cruise ships, and signage…anything that requires a good sense of design.

Global: From our offices in Toronto and New York we have designed and supervised the building of projects across Canada, the United States, Australasia, Britain, the Far and Middle East, and Africa. Working on a great variety of projects in such differing locations has helped to keep us informed of international trends in architecture, responsive to environmental concerns, attentive to subtle cultural nuances, and businesslike.

Workmanship: We strive to define a suitable design style for each project – at times contemporary and iconic, at other times relaxed and familiar. We also maintain, through the great diversity of our buildings, an attention to detail in our work, and a healthy appreciation and respect for the craft of construction.

Technology: We enjoy challenging projects, difficult sites, and complex buildings. Our experience with high technologies has enabled us to complete projects in the fields of communications, health care, and entertainment. Our understanding of tourism has led us to focus on resorts, retail, public buildings, and restorations.

Awards: Our work has been recognized many times for its ingenuity and excellence. We are especially proud of awards that acknowledge our efforts to innovate in building operations or construction technologies and to make improvements to the quality of the built environment.