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About Us

The process of design and construction is intrinsically complicated. From the first blue sky ideas and early concept sketches to final occupancy inspections, that process flourishes when there’s a sense of shared purpose. We work closely with you and engage with an array of key parties, from consultants to contractors, to authorities and investors. We know how to get along.

As a Canadian firm of architectural design professionals, here’s how we differ from other firms:

  • We are young, but we have practiced for over three decades.
  • We’ve kept our studio intentionally quite small, in the belief that our creativity is undiluted when we keep it that way.
  • We have designed and built all kinds of projects. OK, we’ve never done a nuclear reactor. We bring fresh thinking to each challenge, and we are never bored.
  • We do not have a signature style. Our designs are most satisfying and successful when they reflect their context and our clients’ aspirations, rather than our preconceptions.
  • Some of our work is modest, but we have capacity to carry out projects that are substantial and significant. You will almost certainly know a few of our built works.
  • We have worked around the globe in dozens of jurisdictions. Often, we partner with other design offices in order to bring unique skills and share our (and their) experiences.
  • We take pride in the craft of our profession and we delight in drawing out the rich talents of those we work with.
  • You might say that we’re like a Swiss Army pocketknife – a compact set of designers and problem-solvers, bringing a variety of robust tools.