Banger Films

‘Banger – an expression used when something dramatic, affecting, breathtaking, comic, effective, emotional, expressive, farcical, histrionic, impressive, melodramatic, powerful, sensational,  startling, striking, sudden, tense, theatrical, thespian, thrilling, tragic, vivid, climactic, electrifying, suspenseful happens.’ – Urban Dictionary

When Banger Films approached us to design their new head office, their growth was breathtaking, startling, theatrical and a bit suspenseful. Starting with award-winning documentaries about metal music, the firm was exploding – making concert films, TV and web-based shows about music and a steady stream of multi-part documentaries. Their creative output doubled and doubled again.

Taking over a full floor of warehouse space in Toronto, we quickly sketched out the bones – acoustically segregated edit suites, collaboration rooms and studios, with several enclosed offices surrounded by shared co-work tables for a transient workforce. To support their human talent, we segregated secure servers and panels, feeding power and data drops conveniently from easily accessible raceways.

As a nod to their storytelling roots and an gentle salve to the technologies they employ, we sourced and repurposed nostalgic building materials and furniture – industrial sash, post office sorting tables, found stools, vintage light fixtures.

Overall, the impression is open, social and a little homely.

It’s not always what you can see that tells the story – sometimes it’s the hidden structures that support the visible.

‘…when u hear dat, it makes u nod ya head.’ – Will Smith