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‘It’s the revitalization of a legend.’ – Rik Ocvirk, Director of Restaurants and Catering, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment

For more than half a century, the Hot Stove Club has been the place to meet and entertain friends and business associates before and during professional sports events in Toronto. The members-only club is steeped in history. First opened in 1963 as the original restaurant at Maple Leaf Gardens, the venue was moved to the Air Canada Centre in 1999.

In 2012, we were challenged to strip away to bare structure, replace the kitchen, build three new bars and enlarge the 250 seat dining facility. We carried out the project jointly with Fleur de Lis Interiors. Our design team worked closely with MLSE staff and constructors to introduce a contemporary layout, luxe finishes and top flight food service standards within tight budget and time lines.

Several important visual clues underscore the superior quality of the dining experience. Very fine materials and custom lighting create focal points within a attenuated linear space.

Video monitors were carefully integrated into the wall treatments, so patrons can coordinate meals with pre-game and intermission activities. Custom refrigerated displays were designed to emphasize the on-site, a la minute preparation that differentiates this fine dining facility from others within the building.